Proud FledgeX-lings

We recently completed the amazing FledgeX program – a digital accelerator based out of Seattle. c4g was hand-picked to join a cohort of 15 impact companies from Canada, the US, Africa and Asia. We were so busy doing the program we didn’t even get a chance to tell you about it until now.

Under the guidance of impact tech gurus Michael “Luni” Libes and Keith Ippel, and entrepreneur/activist Devon Carr we pulled c4g apart and put it back together again stronger than ever. They connected us with a network of amazing mentors that helped us further refine each area of our business.

The 7-week program has ended but we continue to have the ongoing support and insights of these incredible experts as we move forward. Their enthusiasm and willingness to help, combined with powerhouse expertise, has us all fired up as we prepare the launch of the first module of our game in early 2016. Thank you FledgeX!